Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine

If you know me. Then you know I love all types of cuisines. And, well this past month I've had the STRONGEST Indian food craving (it's still there!)...Lo and behold, I had a job coming up, so I did not give into this craving. But I did give into another craving...Thai :)
Pomelo Salad. Sweet, hint of salty-ness, but all REFRESHING!
Crying pig.... :DDDD i love pork. It's my favorite meat/protein (other than eggs!)
Fried egg pancakes!!! Oysters, bean sprouts and eggs!! :) Very oily..but hey..NOT as bad as curry would have been ;)
Dessert- THAI ICED TEA :) I looooove this
It's not a grand meal by any means. But the food was hearty, reasonably priced and my tummy was satisfied :) This plaza has a ton of other restaurants. Next time I'm in Causeway Bay, I'll be sure to check them out!

Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine 2890 1993
Shop C-D, 6/F Lee Theatre, 
99 Percival Street, Causeway Bay

<3 Always, Jess


  1. This is me and Kevin's favourite Thai place! It is really authentic because it was run by a thai family who used to have a shop near the airport back in the day that imported all the fresh thai foods.. now they have this restaurant! It's not pretty or fancy, but it's good food! Their sweet potato dessert (not sure the actual name) is soooooo good!

    1. OH! this is the thai place your talking about! yeah, it was good and hearty! next time i want to try more of the vegetables and curries. LETS GO!

  2. omg... INDIAN food, i've been craving it tooo and now you've reminded me. sigh lol

    1. SERIOUSLY!...indian food..sigh! :DDDDD miss it