Sunday, August 12, 2012

Working w/ Time Out Hong Kong  <- This will be my last post on this blogspot, but go to eatwithhjess for all my new updates and blog posts! Please subscribe! And, I'd love to hear your feedback!!!

<3 Always, Jessica Jann

Work is awesome :) Working with my jie is even more awesome. Working with my jie, good friends and eating yummy food...well I just don't think things can get anymore dandy :D

First-Time Out Makeup Editorial shoot!
Red Lips w/ Makeup artist Ms. Gabbie Lee
My post-work ritual- Indian food, of seriously! I love this stuff...NAAN bread (wish it was baked longer...the crispier, the better.) Hot and soft pieces of Naan bread drenched in......
Chicken Tikka Marsala :D Hot, spicy, tomato-y, sweet....and Chicken. All mixed together :) BEST COMBO
Then it was Fro-yo w/ this lovely lady, Tay Tay! :) Post-agency ritual! Fro- yo on a hot day! :D
2nd Time Out Shoot- Outdoor Backpack Shoot ;) Thanks for the shot Gabbie!!
Classified All Day Dining Menu Spinach, Bacon & Colston
Bassett Stilton salad- fresh, light and crispy mini bacon...yum :)
Double Eggs Royale
with Loch Fyne smoked salmon & Hollandaise- Runny yolk :) Score! 
Final Spead :D Thanks jie
Classified 2528 3454
G/F, 31 Wing Fung Street
Wan Chai, Hong Kong

<3 Always, Jess

Friday, August 10, 2012

Omerice & Tin Hau Desserts

Greetings from Taiwan :) I'm going to be in Taiwan for a week. But will be posting throughout my time here too!

Once upon a time, one beautiful Sunday evening, four fairly young girls decided to eat dinner after church :) They ventured into the neighboring foodie village of Tai Hung/Tin Hau...and the rest is history. 

The girls quickly decided on a Japanese omelette rice cafe (even though one little girl, that would be me was having an intense Indian food craving). So over Omerice's famous omelette rice meal (among other delicious yakitori skewer dishes) the girls chuckled and chatted about God, relationships, work, boys, girls and life. 
Jie w/ her Asahi Beer :)
I'm trying really hard to remember what this was.. Ummm..Fried chicken wings stuffed with cheese. Not memorable, I know :/..with words like "fried" and "cheese"...rather lackluster.
Mixed vegetables! I always like to order extra veggies! It was a hearty generous portion, special soy sauce also helped!
FAMOUS OMERICE-Omelette rice mixed w/ eel! It was delicious.  Thin egg yolk layer wrapped around a hearty portion of  saucy rice and eel! LOVED THIS.
OX TONGUE! I love this..oh so much, you guys have to try this! The texture is crunchy, chewy and juicy! 
Cheesy Mussels! :D Looks heavy on the cheese, but definitely not worth getting...again..."cheese" how could it go wrong?  
Chicken Soft Bone...another must get at yakitori places! (I ordered all the yakitori dishes...all my faves!)
After the girls shared a delightful and hearty meal at Omerice, the four of them ventured across the street for some good ol' fashioned Hong Kong styled dessert!
Rebecca's 楊枝甘露 Mango, Pomelo, and Sago!
Melody's 刨冰 Vanilla shaved ice w/ mixed berries
Jie's Dessert 豆腐花 Tofu Pudding
MINE- Watermelon, milk, and black beans dessert soup?? LOL I have no idea what it was usual chinese dessert is Black Sesame Soup! But since they were sold out :( I ordered the next best thing! Have no idea what it is..but looked good in the picture. And, it was! Refreshing, light and sweet! 

The four girls gorged, giggled and gossiped into the night! Twas a great evening with great girl friends! Here's to more delicious meals!

The End. For now :)

G/F, 3 Tsing Fung Street,
Tin Hau, Hong Kong

Tin Hau Dessert 
Shop 4, G/F, Lee King Mansion, 
83-87 Electric Road,
Tin Hau, Hong Kong

<3 Always, Jess

Monday, August 6, 2012


:) I've always heard late is better than never. Which is why, I'm drafting up this post...from a few months back! WHOOPS. Sorry guys!

I like to gamble :) Not hard core- blow all my hard earned money type or extreme gambling addict who needs to call a gambling hotline or anything close to that...however, if say, I happen to be in Las Vegas or Macau..I'm one of those people who wouldn't mind walking around the casino floor ground and checking out the action ;) However...I'm a horrible gambler (which is also why I don't gamble often). I always lose...really. Always....
EXCEPT TODAY!!! :DDDDDD First horse race, ever and first win of the night!! :) Randomly chose a horse's name that I liked. Said horse won (TWICE)...and rest is history... :) Yes. I'm bragging about my win. It's cause it NEVER happens. I happen to be very proud of this minor victory. This is my blog. So, I choose to gloat ;)
Jie and I...she didn't win :P
They didn't win ;) All you losers! JK JK JK Lots of <3, guys. The Gang: Moi, Helen, Alex, Carmen, David, Jonathan, & Jie
 Ok ok! Totally done with the bragging ;) I had some McDonalds for dinner (if you can call Mickey D's dinner) but we were all pretty ravenous after the Miss Helen Ma- fellow foodie- recommended this awesome place for our post-racing fun. 

Hand Cut French Fries  
fresh potatoes fried with rosemary, thyme,
garlic and paprika
Crunchy, HOT potatoes that are fried? You can't really go wrong with this combo! It was the first dish to come out...we all went CRAZY for it.
While others ordered alcoholic beverages, I ordered a HOT piping steamed soy milk. I'm like a granny :) I love this stuff. Soy milk is my favorite drink...and when you heat it gets even better :) Great childhood memories.
 Pictures does not do this place ANY justice.
Macaroni 'N 3 Cheese Gratin  
baked macaroni with smoked mozzarella, fontina,
cheddar cheese and white truffle oil.
OK. I just want to say Mac N Cheese...Always good. Hot, creamy melted cheese. Crispy cheesy crust....MMMM
Rigatoni Bolognese
rigatoni pasta with traditional Italian meat sauce
made with fresh tomato, sirloin, pork and prosciutto -I'm a fan of Italian. And this was very heavy on the meat sauce and tomato-y flavor! Just the way I like it! :)
Spicy Boneless Buffalo Wings  -spicy boneless chicken wings tossed in hot sauce
with ranch dressing- It was drenched in hot sauce...that's about it, I didn't particularly like these.
Fish Tacos & Chicken Tacos (Not on the menu!)  Wish there was more veggies in this. It was decent but not very memorable.

Hand Cut French Fries  
(with Chilli and Cheese)

fresh potatoes fried with rosemary, thyme,
garlic and paprika. I didn't try this. But looked REALLY good. I had to save my stomach space for.......
Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies
fresh baked amedei chocolate chip cookies served with fresh milk- these were delicious. BIG, thick, and HOT. Tasted delicious. Generous melted chocolate chips, chewy on the inside. LOVED THIS <3 Dipped in the milk...perfect cap for the evening
Great friends, awesome chats, won some money, jie time, and hearty comfort food....would say it was a winning (get it..) evening. I'm one blessed girl. Have a great and blessed week!!

Gusto  2838 2689
Ground Floor
41 Yik Yam Street, 
Happy Valley , Hong Kong

<3 Always, Jess

Sunday, August 5, 2012

July: Food Porn :)

I love eating out. I have a ton of food blog posts coming up for you all However, there's a lot of places I don't blog about so here's a peak into some of the foodie places I've been to in the month of July! :) I'll let the food do the talking

Time flies...Almost August already...Home days means....
Auntie's Kitchen...My uncle made this crispy Tuna, onions, cilantro, baguette sandwich. I had 4 :)

Cafe O- I ordered my usual...but I had a bite of this, Smoked Salmon & Spinach Omelette
Sushi Kuu w/ Tay Tay <3 Deluxe Sashimi Platter
Guru Indian dining in Soho!  Mixed Tandoori Platter <3 I love my Indian food. I was so hungry, I forgot to take pictures! Whoops.
Le Meridien/ Prompt Brunch- Eggs Benedict. Look at those poached eggs!!! I love breakfast food
Loads of Lunches w/ this lovely lady..Yu Jie :) <3
Fofo by el Willy- Beef cheek with banana and passionfruit crispy roll! Impromptu Girls Night are the best <3 

Sift Cupcakes........Delicious Chocolate-y heaven! Thank you!
Tai Cheong Bakery- Egg Tarts Galore.....these were piping hot and amazing!
Life Cafe I got the African wasn't very good :( But I do <3 TAY TAY! (Love your cute sticky pics!) Plenty of PURE classes together
Starbucks Coffee- I'm a fan of 'Steamed Almond Soy Milk'! But I decided to try their Red Bean/Green Tea Frap!
Pure RED Bar + Restaurant- Skinny Fries ;) w/ Auntie and Yu Jie!
Apgujeong Tent Bar- Korean BBQ -After hours snacks! :D
Paisano's Pepperoni Pizza :D
Red Mango- Organic Chocolate Waffles! (We got fro-yo too!) Auntie & Yu Jie...We eat together a lot! ;)
Amaroni's Italian-Last but NOT LEAST!...Desserts of all desserts (GULP) Tiramisu
Loves of great food, amazing people...onto August now! <3

<3 Always, Jess

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Posto Pubblico

 ;) Realized I have TONS of food posts for you guys!
Great music and food blogging today!
 I love the group, Integrated Hospitality Management (IHM), who are behind Posto Pubblico, Linguini Fini, and Pizzeria Pubblico! I'm a fan of Linguini Fini (my post) and Posto (located in the heart of SOHO) which did not disappoint! The New York styled Italian eatery was "molto delizioso"- "Very delicious," indeed ;)... It was a great night filled with good conversation (both of us were stuffed by the end) Thanks.
Chicken Skewers (I can't remember the name..but this appetizer can be one to skip, the rest of the meal..AMAZING!
Chicken Francese....MMM Buttery, citrus-y, saucy, and savory. The chicken was tender, juicy and moist! Lemon buttery sauce was heavenly!
Special: Grilled Asparagus & Bacon :) I needed some veggies
Rigatoni Pubblico...The rich ragu sauce was the best way! Creamy and thick...HOT, cheesy and definitely warmed up my tummy!
Excellent red wine
Dolci. Saving the best for simply wasn't enough
New York Cheesecake-
graham cracker, caramelized HGF
pineapple, strawberry pineapple
gelato & pinenut tuile
Graham cracker crust was 'delizioso', but I like my cheesecake more savory and this was a little too fruity for my taste. But still creamy and thick :)

deep-fried fritter, powdered sugar,
blueberry gelato

If I could eat this every day..I would. Flaky, hot, rich/thick crust..powdered sugar sprinkled on top (similar to a churro), soft on the inside...and (OMG) the blueberry gelato was absolutely amazing. It was creamy, rich and the perfect mix of hot fritter and cold ice cream. LOVED THIS.

Posto Pubblico 2577 7160

G/F, 28 Elgin Street, Central, Hong Kong

 <3 Always, Jess