Friday, August 10, 2012

Omerice & Tin Hau Desserts

Greetings from Taiwan :) I'm going to be in Taiwan for a week. But will be posting throughout my time here too!

Once upon a time, one beautiful Sunday evening, four fairly young girls decided to eat dinner after church :) They ventured into the neighboring foodie village of Tai Hung/Tin Hau...and the rest is history. 

The girls quickly decided on a Japanese omelette rice cafe (even though one little girl, that would be me was having an intense Indian food craving). So over Omerice's famous omelette rice meal (among other delicious yakitori skewer dishes) the girls chuckled and chatted about God, relationships, work, boys, girls and life. 
Jie w/ her Asahi Beer :)
I'm trying really hard to remember what this was.. Ummm..Fried chicken wings stuffed with cheese. Not memorable, I know :/..with words like "fried" and "cheese"...rather lackluster.
Mixed vegetables! I always like to order extra veggies! It was a hearty generous portion, special soy sauce also helped!
FAMOUS OMERICE-Omelette rice mixed w/ eel! It was delicious.  Thin egg yolk layer wrapped around a hearty portion of  saucy rice and eel! LOVED THIS.
OX TONGUE! I love this..oh so much, you guys have to try this! The texture is crunchy, chewy and juicy! 
Cheesy Mussels! :D Looks heavy on the cheese, but definitely not worth getting...again..."cheese" how could it go wrong?  
Chicken Soft Bone...another must get at yakitori places! (I ordered all the yakitori dishes...all my faves!)
After the girls shared a delightful and hearty meal at Omerice, the four of them ventured across the street for some good ol' fashioned Hong Kong styled dessert!
Rebecca's 楊枝甘露 Mango, Pomelo, and Sago!
Melody's 刨冰 Vanilla shaved ice w/ mixed berries
Jie's Dessert 豆腐花 Tofu Pudding
MINE- Watermelon, milk, and black beans dessert soup?? LOL I have no idea what it was usual chinese dessert is Black Sesame Soup! But since they were sold out :( I ordered the next best thing! Have no idea what it is..but looked good in the picture. And, it was! Refreshing, light and sweet! 

The four girls gorged, giggled and gossiped into the night! Twas a great evening with great girl friends! Here's to more delicious meals!

The End. For now :)

G/F, 3 Tsing Fung Street,
Tin Hau, Hong Kong

Tin Hau Dessert 
Shop 4, G/F, Lee King Mansion, 
83-87 Electric Road,
Tin Hau, Hong Kong

<3 Always, Jess

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