Sunday, August 12, 2012

Working w/ Time Out Hong Kong  <- This will be my last post on this blogspot, but go to eatwithhjess for all my new updates and blog posts! Please subscribe! And, I'd love to hear your feedback!!!

<3 Always, Jessica Jann

Work is awesome :) Working with my jie is even more awesome. Working with my jie, good friends and eating yummy food...well I just don't think things can get anymore dandy :D

First-Time Out Makeup Editorial shoot!
Red Lips w/ Makeup artist Ms. Gabbie Lee
My post-work ritual- Indian food, of seriously! I love this stuff...NAAN bread (wish it was baked longer...the crispier, the better.) Hot and soft pieces of Naan bread drenched in......
Chicken Tikka Marsala :D Hot, spicy, tomato-y, sweet....and Chicken. All mixed together :) BEST COMBO
Then it was Fro-yo w/ this lovely lady, Tay Tay! :) Post-agency ritual! Fro- yo on a hot day! :D
2nd Time Out Shoot- Outdoor Backpack Shoot ;) Thanks for the shot Gabbie!!
Classified All Day Dining Menu Spinach, Bacon & Colston
Bassett Stilton salad- fresh, light and crispy mini bacon...yum :)
Double Eggs Royale
with Loch Fyne smoked salmon & Hollandaise- Runny yolk :) Score! 
Final Spead :D Thanks jie
Classified 2528 3454
G/F, 31 Wing Fung Street
Wan Chai, Hong Kong

<3 Always, Jess

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