Monday, August 6, 2012


:) I've always heard late is better than never. Which is why, I'm drafting up this post...from a few months back! WHOOPS. Sorry guys!

I like to gamble :) Not hard core- blow all my hard earned money type or extreme gambling addict who needs to call a gambling hotline or anything close to that...however, if say, I happen to be in Las Vegas or Macau..I'm one of those people who wouldn't mind walking around the casino floor ground and checking out the action ;) However...I'm a horrible gambler (which is also why I don't gamble often). I always lose...really. Always....
EXCEPT TODAY!!! :DDDDDD First horse race, ever and first win of the night!! :) Randomly chose a horse's name that I liked. Said horse won (TWICE)...and rest is history... :) Yes. I'm bragging about my win. It's cause it NEVER happens. I happen to be very proud of this minor victory. This is my blog. So, I choose to gloat ;)
Jie and I...she didn't win :P
They didn't win ;) All you losers! JK JK JK Lots of <3, guys. The Gang: Moi, Helen, Alex, Carmen, David, Jonathan, & Jie
 Ok ok! Totally done with the bragging ;) I had some McDonalds for dinner (if you can call Mickey D's dinner) but we were all pretty ravenous after the Miss Helen Ma- fellow foodie- recommended this awesome place for our post-racing fun. 

Hand Cut French Fries  
fresh potatoes fried with rosemary, thyme,
garlic and paprika
Crunchy, HOT potatoes that are fried? You can't really go wrong with this combo! It was the first dish to come out...we all went CRAZY for it.
While others ordered alcoholic beverages, I ordered a HOT piping steamed soy milk. I'm like a granny :) I love this stuff. Soy milk is my favorite drink...and when you heat it gets even better :) Great childhood memories.
 Pictures does not do this place ANY justice.
Macaroni 'N 3 Cheese Gratin  
baked macaroni with smoked mozzarella, fontina,
cheddar cheese and white truffle oil.
OK. I just want to say Mac N Cheese...Always good. Hot, creamy melted cheese. Crispy cheesy crust....MMMM
Rigatoni Bolognese
rigatoni pasta with traditional Italian meat sauce
made with fresh tomato, sirloin, pork and prosciutto -I'm a fan of Italian. And this was very heavy on the meat sauce and tomato-y flavor! Just the way I like it! :)
Spicy Boneless Buffalo Wings  -spicy boneless chicken wings tossed in hot sauce
with ranch dressing- It was drenched in hot sauce...that's about it, I didn't particularly like these.
Fish Tacos & Chicken Tacos (Not on the menu!)  Wish there was more veggies in this. It was decent but not very memorable.

Hand Cut French Fries  
(with Chilli and Cheese)

fresh potatoes fried with rosemary, thyme,
garlic and paprika. I didn't try this. But looked REALLY good. I had to save my stomach space for.......
Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies
fresh baked amedei chocolate chip cookies served with fresh milk- these were delicious. BIG, thick, and HOT. Tasted delicious. Generous melted chocolate chips, chewy on the inside. LOVED THIS <3 Dipped in the milk...perfect cap for the evening
Great friends, awesome chats, won some money, jie time, and hearty comfort food....would say it was a winning (get it..) evening. I'm one blessed girl. Have a great and blessed week!!

Gusto  2838 2689
Ground Floor
41 Yik Yam Street, 
Happy Valley , Hong Kong

<3 Always, Jess


  1. awww what a great yummy place :)

  2. Congrats on winning! How much did you win ?