Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tsui Wah

The infamous Tsui Wah :) I love this HK 茶餐廳 “Cha Chan Teng” OR HK style food cafe.

Fast, comforting, and relatively cheap(er) than most! I've been here tons of time...but the first time I actually remembered to snap pictures and since I started this blog a lil' over a month ago!

I went to Marek Art of Hair for a hair touch up! (Thank you Keith and everyone over at Marek!) :) We were starving by the time we finished..and all we wanted was TSUI WAH, and luckily for us starving girls... it was right across the street.

FINAL PRODUCT-> Bangs, Trim, and LIGHTER! :) Thanks Keith!
We were seated right when we got in. My dish came in under two minutes....questionable?? ;) I think so
Makeup free!! :) Gotta rest the skin once in a while!!
Pork Cartilage...... :) I LOVEEEE THIS STUFF. It's my absolute favorite.
Juicy....tender, MEATY! :) I was craving protein. Lots of it. Greasy though. Don't worry, I didn't finish it all!
Iced Organic Kale..dipped in soy sauce & wasabi (kale-shimi?) ;)
Mixed sauteed vegetables over rice! I just stole some of the mushroom...REALLY oily.
It's not HEALTHY by any standards. Most people hit up this Tsui Wah after a night of partying/ clubbing in Lan Kwai Fang :) But once in a while....Tsui Wah really hits the spot! This time, it did just that.

What do you get from Tsui Wah? Any other HK style cafes I should try out? 

Tsui Wah 2525-6338
15-19 Wellington St., Lan Kwai Fong, 
Central, Hong Kong 

<3 Always, Jess

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Crystal Jade ... AGAIN :)

Another evening with great girls! :)
Post- Crystal Jade dinner....Jumbo caramel/chocolate popcorn, soft drinks, good company and great talk, of course.
Girls Night- Me, Alyssa( miss u already!) & Taylor :) We went to the movie theater just for the popcorn
Beef "La Mian" for Alyssa
Tay Tay & Alyssa :D
Sweet & Sour Pork Ribs :)
Both of us had a plateful of sauteed cabbages! (One of my favorite veggies!)
YUM! So, we've been to Crystal Jade before with Taylor...and well we both enjoyed our meals so much last time..we repeated it again!! :)
Tay & I both got the seafood soup
Greeeeeeens :) w/ lots of white pepper!
 A healthy, light and fun dinner! :) More to come girls!!
Crystal Jade  翡翠拉麵小籠包  2295 3811 

Shop 2018-2020, 2/F, Tower 2
IFC Mall, 1 Harbour View Street
Central, Hong Kong  
<3 Always, Jess

Thursday, May 24, 2012

JW's California

Before I get into the food....Here's some highlight of this week's work events!

Getting ready at MAREK ART OF HAIR!
Thanks so much Keith..I loved my hair! :)
FIRST EVENT: BISOUS 1 Year Anniversary Event! W/ Mancy and Tais! Thanks Anthony :)
Off to my 2nd event, Bazaar Art After Party!! <3
Bazaar Art After Party :D With my gorgeous cousins!
Love you, two!! :DDD FUN NIGHT
東方日報 News Clip!! OK, off to some food! :D

 JW California (Cali girl at heart!)...inside JW Marriot! :) the decor was spacious but dark w/ dim lighting, but nice for a date night or a more private meal!
Started w/ Olive bread rolls...hard, crunchy, and plain :(
Lobster & Cured Salmon Salad mango, pine nut & Walnut dressing (I had a bite....Generous portion of lobster !
JW's Lobster bisque, congnac cream
Those who know me, know my fave soup/appetizer is lobster bisque. And JW's actually has a great, rich, strong soup!)
Coke Light & Grilled Veggies for me!
Australian Live Lobster....I had a small bite! But succulent and juicy!!! :) 
I went w/ Classic Rock Fish Bouillabaisse, saffron alolli, Parmesan w/ garlic bread. The broth was great, large portion of seafood..but my heart still misses this
Churro Donuts w/ whipped cream and hot chocolate sauce!
JW's California 2810 8366

5/F, JW Marriot, 
Pacific Place, 
88 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong

<3 Always, Jess

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Linguini Fini

Love this place. I've eaten here a few times already, and every time I loveeeee it even more :))) Awesome service. And BEST time at girls night! It was long overdue...but seriously love you guys so much! :) 
Cousins and sis! :D FUN GIRLS NIGHT!!!!! 
White wine for moi! 2010 Dr/Loosen "Dr. L" Riesling, from Mosel, Germany. Sweet and refreshing!
Yu Jie went w/ the Red wine,  2009 G. Bertrand Reserve Speciale Pinot Noir  
Sesame Crusted White Bread
Homemade Spicy Pork Sausage-Natural pork, onions & peppers, roasted garlic mostarda

DELICIOUS!! SO CHEESY White Gold Bars-Herb breader Pubblico mozzarella, marinara...GOSH, I want more!
Clams- Roasted Garlic & Saffron Brodo, charred bread! Nicely tangy!
Classico Pizza....the cheese was dripping and the slice was light and airy! :D I want MORE!
Dripping cheese...we weren't kidding! It's HOT & FRESH!
Fettuccine Funghi-Mushrooms, radicchio, Castelmagno....Mushrooms and pasta mixed so well!! DELICIOUS!!!
Rotisserie Porchetta-Pork Belly, fennel sausage, chili mostarda ..Bit Dry, lacked flavor
We needed some veggie obviously...
Side-Pickled Carrots
Grilled Tomatoes and Pesto Sauce
Crispy "Quick Smoked" Salmon-Pepperonata, Baked really well, juicy and flavorful! 
Pubblico Mozzarella, 30 year balsamico...MMMMMMMMMMM
Last but NEVER least....DESSERT
Lemon Olive Oil Cake-Poppy Seed Gelato.....mmmm no words.
Hot Chocolate Affogato-Graham Cracker Biscotti, marshmallow gelato (OMG! PERFECT BLEND of HOT & Cold!) Rich and chocolate-y. LOVE
Homemade Chocolate and Mango sorbet.... :)
Not quite done..a few more round of drinks!
Salty Dog-Vodka, fresh grapefruit, sea salt rim! (Yu Jie and I ended up switching!)
My Good Thyme Lemonade-Gin, thyme sugar, fresh lemon! Lovely and refreshing..really a good thyme! ;)
Lastly, Tiramisu-Mascarpone crema, coffee cake crumble, frozen chocolate tiramisu gelatoSOOOOOO GOOD! MY FAVORITE
The entire night was terrific! I have to admit! I love the dive-bar atmosphere! Loud music playing! Very comfortable, relaxing and one of the best service I've encountered ;) Waiters and staff were attentive, friendly and nice! With really good comfort food!! :D Satisfying, delicious meal!!! And, the best was with my family! :D To more girls night!!!! <3 

Definitely going to be going back!! Highly recommended! :)

Linguini Fini 2857 1333

G/F / 1/F, The L Place,

<3 Always, Jess

Friday, May 18, 2012


Mother's Day Brunch :) at Whisk, in Mira Hotel, with the family was perfect! Ever since moving out, I haven't seen them much..but so glad we all had the chance to just be together.

Get ready for a very wordy post and LOTS of pics ;) I didn't take as many pictures of what I ate...but you'll get the idea! :D


Champagne Sunday Brunch Buffet :) Good choice Yu Jie! And HAPPY MOTHERS DAY Cissy Jie and Nema!

3 Sisters?? ;) Actually, that's just my gorgeous Auntie and her beautiful Daughters! :) 
Selection of Gourmet Cheese and Fresh Bread :) PERFECT COMBO
Meat, salami, sausage anyone? ;)
Oyster & Tourteaux Crabe, Seafood Selection :)
Assortment of Salad/ Cold Appetizers
...More Salads and Cold Appetizers

Lobster, smoked salmon, salad, tomatoes.... ;) I'm just a VERY happy girl!
From the Kitchen (Choice of:  Eggs in any Style w/ Accompaniments... OR...)
Gourmet Fried Egg w/ Parmesan Foam (Shallot Confit Sauce & Parma Ham) DELICIOUS. Runny yolk. Perfect blend of salty and sweet from the egg and confit sauce!
We then took a breather, and went outside.......
Outdoor Grilling BBQ Station
Me w/ Chef de Cuisine at Whisk, Bjoern Panek and his chefs! :) Great work guys!!
Back inside, there's still more... Remember that caviar from before?
Caviar Bar ..... :P
And VODKA! (You take a shot of vodka w/ the caviar!! YUM)
We're not done yet! Waiting for our main course....we got a special surprise!

Magic Time! Crazy tricks! :D The kids and adults were impressed!
Sangria w/ Yu Jie :) Refreshing! We didn't match on purpose...but we both channeled Blair from Gossip Girls ;)
So for main course...there's a few selections.
Jie and Auntie chose the Asian Laksa w/ shrimp and mussels
Farfalle Carbonara Cream & Aged Parmesan for the Kids
Cod Fish w/ Spring Vegetables & Curry Emulsion for me and the rest of us!
We're not done yet....the very BEST for last. Why, dessert of course! :)
Pastry Chef and I! 
Chocolates, macaroons, cookies OH MY!
Cakes, cookies, puddings...MMMM :)
Assortment of desserts to share.....
Actually... just Yu Jie's dessert plate! ;)
Freshly made macaroons......Soft, moist, crunchy perfection.
STUFFED. That's what we all were! But what an amazing brunch, delicious food and lovely family :) Love you all, and Whisk did NOT disappoint. They had great service, friendly staff and a large variety of food!

Whisk  2315 5999

5/ F, The Mira Hong Kong
118-130 Nathan Road,
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

<3 Always, Jess