Monday, April 30, 2012

Auntie's Home Cooked Goodness

Curry Home Edition :)

I love eating home cooked meals! Especially when it's at my aunt's house. Eating with the family makes it even better too :)

Pork tenderloins sizzling away!
....Broccoli's boiling away!
Some beautiful centerpiece ;) adds a nice touch
Fried eggs...runny yolk still. mm mm good
Auntie's famous Crispy Shangainese spring rolls (dipped in vinegar!)
Brown Rice :) comes the MAIN course(s)
Pork Tenderloins w/ caramelized onions :) Tender, soft, juicy, perfection.
 What we were drooling over for.....GOSH..SOOO GOOD. Slightly spicy, delicious curry.
Auntie's Beef loins/briscuit, hearty carrots, chunky potato curry
Still have room in my tummy? Why, yes of course, I do! (There is ALWAYS room for dessert!)

Japan- Soft Candy/Mochi ....w/ nuts inside!
:) Melt in your mouth type of happiness
Some bubbly ;) Cheers to more family dinners!
Peach champagne :) very yummy.
I love my family, i miss my family. And, I miss eating at my aunts house. Every since I moved out, I haven't had a lot of chances to eat at home with them, But luckily they're close by and I cherish the times with them! :) After, we topped off a great night with an epic movie...have you seen it yet? Titanic 3D !

<3 Always, Jess

Friday, April 27, 2012

1968 Indonesian

1968 :)
The other night, I had dinner with some of my CA friends and my sis and I ventured into The L Place to try out 1968. It first opened in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (you guessed it) in 1968, before moving into CWB, and now... Central, HK! :) As you walk in...the environment is casual and fun! Dim lighting.... And, well the food..pretty tasty!

THE CALIFORNIA KIDS!!! :) Gordon and Andrew! (As you can tell, they want food too!)

Gordan suggested this 2011 & 2012 Michelin selection Indonesian place, and I'm glad he did. It was something different :) Lets BEGIN!
Prawn Crackers + Beef Brisket  HK$98
Jie w/ her coconut juice! She's cute.
Indonesian Fried Rice w/ Satay HK$108
Whats next, is 1968 special Indonesian Coffee.. which was expensive for a tiny serving and literally tasted like watered down coffee/tea. NOT GOOD.
Special Indonesian Coffee HK$168! :(
Stir Fried Water Spinach w/ Shrimp Paste HK$58 I ordered this! Craved some veggie! REALLY oily though :/
Prawn Crackers went great with all the curry! Really rich and tasty. The curry was good, just a little too saucy at times!
Curry Chicken HK$88 (more of those prawn crackers mmm)
Indonesian Fresh Corn Cake HK$68
Chicken Satay and Curry ;) HK$48 (Spicy!)
Stir Fried Eggplant & Lady Finger w/ Basil HK$58 (Getting some veggie in...lack thereof)
Cute decor ;)
Overall, it was a pretty fun place! Service was speedy, environment and food were pretty good! Afterwards we all took a walk to burn off this heavy meal, by the way, If your on a diet, i wouldn't recommend eating here. Definitely a diet splurge ;)

1968 (Restoran Indonesia) 2577 9981

139 Queens Road Central, Hong Kong

Do you guys like Indonesian food? Tried any of the Michelin selected restaurants?

<3 Always, Jess

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Happy Birthday Cissy Jie!
My cousin, Cissy Jie, who also gave me the idea for a blog just celebrated her birthday last weekend! :) So we all went to Inagiku at Four Seasons for a delicious birthday dinner! Thanks Cissy Jie! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!
Happy Birthday Cissy Jie <3
SO, back to FOOD! I love me some Japanese Food...and Inagiku is TOPS in my list :)
Why hello there! :) Tempura-there's more from where this is coming from ;)
Genko Beans
Hotaru Squid, Nagaimo Taro, Fresh Tomato, Gyoja Garlic

Dom Pérignon champagne

Kyoto Banboo Shoot Sushi, Snapper & Sakura Leaf Sushi

Sashimi Platter-Mix of Prime Tuna, Yellowtail, Sweet Shrimp, Ark Shell
Jie and the tempura master working his magic!
Chestnut (it's my favorite tempura dish..sweet on its own!
There's actually a lot more tempura dishes( shrimp, fish, sweet potato, and pumpkin!) But thought that may be too much of a photo overload! 
Tempura Master :) What a nice guy!
Abalone Teppanyaki
Fried Rice w/ Pickles
Wagyu Beef Teppanyaki w/ Garlic chips and red repper

Cova Bday Cake- Dark Chocolate slice :) Rich and moist!
Fruit- Honeydew, Strawberry
The happy and beautiful family! Happy Birthday Cissy Jie! (Sorry no pics with Didi, he was moving too much) :/
It was a really great night to spend with family and friends! And, I'm glad I'm in HK and get the chance to celebrate with you, Cissy Jie! Your truly an amazing woman and role model. Love you.

Inagiku 2805-0600- reservations required

Podium 4, Four Seasons Hotel, 
8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong

So, what was your favorite dish? What do you order at a Japanese restaurant? 

<3 Always, Jess

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ideal Point Dim Sum

理想點!Ideal Point :) 我愛吃點心!All day dim sum place :D YES! I LOVE DIM SUM. You can't go wrong with these classic Hong Kong snacks :) Here are some of my favorites! These were for two people. And we killed it. All of it ;)
Warm Crispy BBQ Pork Bun HK$15
I am obsessed with these perfectly fried babies. I love turnip, ever since i was a kid. If I could just eat these all day, i would. Hmmmm..Interesting. Why don't I? ;) 太好吃了!我最愛的點心!
Pan Fried Turnip Pudding (Lor Bo Gao) HK$12 

Steamed Pork Dumplings (Shanghai Style 上海小龍飽) ;) LOVE the soup. HK$16
Steamed Spare ribs w/ Garlic and Pumpkin HK$14
Steamed Shrimp Dumplings HK$20
HOT Glutinous Rice w/ Assorted Meats in Lotus Leaf HK$20

Totally satisfied my dim sum craving.... 

Ideal Point 理想點 -2851 9661

-Shop B, G/F, Arion Commercial Centre, 
12 Queen's Road West,
Sheung Wan  Hong Kong

Which dim sum dish do you like the most? 

<3 Always, Jess


Isola, a lovely little Italian Restaurant, part of the Gaia Group. Located in the heart of Central- IFC :)
As you walk in, you notice the nice white interior and beautiful view overlooking the waters! And, bonus the food was pretty good ;)

Sorry, I didn't do the best with pictures :/ But , after looking through these pics..I'm getting myself a nicer camera! So you guys wont be disappointed! Descriptions from the Isola Menu!
Warm Bread Basket
                                       Bread Sticks (Waiter was nice enough to bring a TON out!) You know me. I LOVE bread!

Maccheroni Martelli with 3 types of Italian pork sausage ragout- HK$198

Three different ways to serve Italian raw tomatoes:
bruschetta; tomato and Mozzarella and with onions and olives- HK$158
 My main: The black cod was really juicy, but something about the flavor didn't do it for me! It was also slightly TOO oily!
Oven broiled black cod with aromatic lemon, basil and parsley breadcrumbs
served with sautéed mixed vegetables- HK$248

Lamb chops with roasted sweet onions and roasted potatoes, balsamic mint sauce  HK$288
Who knew hot coffee would be so good over ice cream...?
Dessert (HOT COFFEE over vanilla/chocolate ice cream. YUM!)
Complimentary Petit Fours :)
Overall, the meal was great, we got the chance to try everything and the view is already worth going!

Isola 2383 8765

Shop 3071-75, Level 3, 
IFC mall, Central, Hong Kong

<3 Always, Jess