Monday, April 30, 2012

Auntie's Home Cooked Goodness

Curry Home Edition :)

I love eating home cooked meals! Especially when it's at my aunt's house. Eating with the family makes it even better too :)

Pork tenderloins sizzling away!
....Broccoli's boiling away!
Some beautiful centerpiece ;) adds a nice touch
Fried eggs...runny yolk still. mm mm good
Auntie's famous Crispy Shangainese spring rolls (dipped in vinegar!)
Brown Rice :) comes the MAIN course(s)
Pork Tenderloins w/ caramelized onions :) Tender, soft, juicy, perfection.
 What we were drooling over for.....GOSH..SOOO GOOD. Slightly spicy, delicious curry.
Auntie's Beef loins/briscuit, hearty carrots, chunky potato curry
Still have room in my tummy? Why, yes of course, I do! (There is ALWAYS room for dessert!)

Japan- Soft Candy/Mochi ....w/ nuts inside!
:) Melt in your mouth type of happiness
Some bubbly ;) Cheers to more family dinners!
Peach champagne :) very yummy.
I love my family, i miss my family. And, I miss eating at my aunts house. Every since I moved out, I haven't had a lot of chances to eat at home with them, But luckily they're close by and I cherish the times with them! :) After, we topped off a great night with an epic movie...have you seen it yet? Titanic 3D !

<3 Always, Jess


  1. Yes I did great movie, and is that a wok stove under the Broccoli's ?

  2. Love curry , bet that pot of curry is gd !!!


  3. oh man jjann, everythin looks gooooood curry is yumz, u know i created an account so i can comment just for u = )

  4. delish!! love our familyyyy!! <3