Monday, April 23, 2012

Sushi Ta-Ke

WARNING! Ridiculously YUMMY food follows: not for the very hungry/ or those who like Japanese Food...I warned you. ENJOY ;)

Sushi Ta-Ke...fresh, tender, and delicious sushi made right before your eyes :) One of my favorite places to eat! I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Omakase - Take Dinner set! Pricey but really GOOD!  HK$ 1,500

I'm ready for my dinner.
Sushi Chef at work, view from my seat!
FOOD I'm ready for you!!!
Sweet Shrimp :)
 Would you try the next dish??
LIVE FISH in SAKE!! CRAZY....its all wiggly in your mouth :/ Don't know how I feel about this!
Sea Octopus...Crunchy!
Jumbo Shrimp
Surf Clam-Shellfish
Fatty Tuna Sashimi (TORO...MY LOVE, I got more, love this!)
Sea Whelk

Grilled Wagyu Beef. Juicy, fatty and plain yummy.
Sticky Rice + Tuna
Mixed Cucumber Salad. Light/Refreshing
Golden Eye Red Snapper
Striped Bass Sushi
Amberjack (Kanpahi)
Grilled fish
Sweet Mackerel Sushi (sweet and tasty!)
Seared Fatty Tuna/Toro in seaweed MMMM
Fresh Sea Urchin (UNI! Another fave, I had 2!)
Mixed Mackerel Salad
Seafood Miso Soup
Japanese Egg Cake-Kasutera (Castella) cake!I love this stuff!
I love the egg cake desert, its a Japanese desert specialty! Luckily the sushi chef was nice enough to give me two extra slices! YUM!
Green Tea Ice Cream & Fresh Red Beans
Endless Green Tea :D
Delicious! Everything was fresh, light, and tasty! I had such a great evening and the chef/service is great! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

SUSHI TA-KE  2577 0611 <- Reservations are needed!

12/F, Cubus, 1 Hoi Ping Road
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

So, do you guys enjoy eating sushi? All I know is its definitely in my top 5 favorites!

<3 Always, Jess


  1. Wow, that looks really good


  2. many pix ! so good ! i love ta-ke too ! read a lot 4 u !

  3. Great food!!!!!

  4. Very yummy , very yummy !!!


  5. When I said Sushi, I never thought it would be that good! Wow I want to go and try it out now haha.

  6. Oh wow! That looks SOOO SOOO GOOD! Yummy! And great pics!

  7. Good recommendation Jess. I must try it sometime!I went to Tokio Joes for the first time last week and thoroughly enjoyed their dishes. Have you been?

    1. Ive never been!! but i definitely wanna try that!

  8. did you drink that sake with live fishes?

    1. i did not!!! it looked so scary. and they were all ALIVE