Monday, June 4, 2012

Working Girl

I love working. The rush of finding out I have a new job. What do I have to do? What type of events, I actually love going to castings. That's my favorite part. It's definitely a very difficult and tiring industry but for the most part...I'm in love.

So, when I know work is a coming..I try to eat lighter and healthier :) and for the most part, I do!

 For May, I had a few events...
Bazaar Art Event w/ these beautiful ladies :) <3 LOVE
Men in Black 3 Premiere w/ Cara G, Jesper and Sarah
Cute Movie!! Made me very nostalgic, w/ cutie Sarah. Thanks Anthony :)
Next WOW Media Event w/ Starzpeople! 

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution w/ my gorgeous family (More on this, in another post!)
So, what do I eat on days where I have work? For when I'm on the move, going from castings, events, or hair/makeup...a quick pick me up/snack at Starbucks always does the trick, or at a Cafe de Coral ;) fast, easy and cheap!
Skinny Vanilla Latte...MMMM :)
OR Cafe de Coral :D
If I do have time...I like to do some cooking. Surprised? I make some excellent eggs! ;)
Veggie packed omelette (There was only 1 egg yolk!!) OR......
Egg white omelette AND
Boiled Veggies
MMM mmmm good! :) Hopefully I'll be getting more jobs soon enough!

 <3 Always, Jess