Friday, May 18, 2012


Mother's Day Brunch :) at Whisk, in Mira Hotel, with the family was perfect! Ever since moving out, I haven't seen them much..but so glad we all had the chance to just be together.

Get ready for a very wordy post and LOTS of pics ;) I didn't take as many pictures of what I ate...but you'll get the idea! :D


Champagne Sunday Brunch Buffet :) Good choice Yu Jie! And HAPPY MOTHERS DAY Cissy Jie and Nema!

3 Sisters?? ;) Actually, that's just my gorgeous Auntie and her beautiful Daughters! :) 
Selection of Gourmet Cheese and Fresh Bread :) PERFECT COMBO
Meat, salami, sausage anyone? ;)
Oyster & Tourteaux Crabe, Seafood Selection :)
Assortment of Salad/ Cold Appetizers
...More Salads and Cold Appetizers

Lobster, smoked salmon, salad, tomatoes.... ;) I'm just a VERY happy girl!
From the Kitchen (Choice of:  Eggs in any Style w/ Accompaniments... OR...)
Gourmet Fried Egg w/ Parmesan Foam (Shallot Confit Sauce & Parma Ham) DELICIOUS. Runny yolk. Perfect blend of salty and sweet from the egg and confit sauce!
We then took a breather, and went outside.......
Outdoor Grilling BBQ Station
Me w/ Chef de Cuisine at Whisk, Bjoern Panek and his chefs! :) Great work guys!!
Back inside, there's still more... Remember that caviar from before?
Caviar Bar ..... :P
And VODKA! (You take a shot of vodka w/ the caviar!! YUM)
We're not done yet! Waiting for our main course....we got a special surprise!

Magic Time! Crazy tricks! :D The kids and adults were impressed!
Sangria w/ Yu Jie :) Refreshing! We didn't match on purpose...but we both channeled Blair from Gossip Girls ;)
So for main course...there's a few selections.
Jie and Auntie chose the Asian Laksa w/ shrimp and mussels
Farfalle Carbonara Cream & Aged Parmesan for the Kids
Cod Fish w/ Spring Vegetables & Curry Emulsion for me and the rest of us!
We're not done yet....the very BEST for last. Why, dessert of course! :)
Pastry Chef and I! 
Chocolates, macaroons, cookies OH MY!
Cakes, cookies, puddings...MMMM :)
Assortment of desserts to share.....
Actually... just Yu Jie's dessert plate! ;)
Freshly made macaroons......Soft, moist, crunchy perfection.
STUFFED. That's what we all were! But what an amazing brunch, delicious food and lovely family :) Love you all, and Whisk did NOT disappoint. They had great service, friendly staff and a large variety of food!

Whisk  2315 5999

5/ F, The Mira Hong Kong
118-130 Nathan Road,
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

<3 Always, Jess