Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nan Tei

Yakitori! 3 of us were FULL 

Can't go wrong with Nan Tei, it's one of my favorite dinner places in HK :)

Waiting for dinner time at a coffee shop beforehand! COME ON!
Chopped Fresh Veggie Sticks (dipped in their homemade sauce and salt!) HK$66 (we ordered more!)
Grilled Dried Fugu Fish HK$68
Quail Egg HK$54
Asparagus Wrapped w/ Pork HK$96

Oysters HK$210 (2 orders!)

Salmon w/ Bacon HK$84
Minced Chicken w/ Joint Soft Bone HK$84
Chicken Soft Bone HK$72
Chicken Wings HK$90

Sweet Potato HK$69
Sweet Corn HK$40
And, last but not least...Beef Tongue HK$108
There's a few locations throughout HK, and it's one of the places I need to have once in a while! I LOVEEEEEE NAN TEI! They cant do any wrong, the 3 of us were STUFFED! But you can bet I hit the gym hard the day of and after :)

Nan Tei 3118 2500
G/F,10 Yuen Yuen Street,  
Happy Valley, Hong Kong

<3 Always, Jess


  1. Nan Tei was so good! Fav part of the night: when we spotted Cissy JIe and Yuen's signatures on the wall ;)